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“[Kettlebells] revolutionized and rejuvenated my training” from a 56-year-old

I just got this submission on the be featured page. It’s from Steve McKanna, a 56-year-old PE teacher and former track coach, plus HKC, soon-to-be RKC, who discovered kettlebells recently and it has — according to him — revolutionized and rejuvenated his training.

Here’s Steve…

I started training with kettlebells in 2008. I read an article about Anthony Dilugilo(aos) in our local paper. I used a 16kg bell once and I was hooked.

I am a PE teacher former track coach and held a CSCS for 10 years.I surf, play golf and used to run and do triathlons.

I have three teenagers at home and when I found the kettlebell it revolutionized and rejuvenated my training.

I became HKC certified in the summer of 2010 and am getting ready for the RKC in St. Paul in April 2011.

I’m 56 years old and the kettlebell gives me the perfect tool for a balance of strength, stamina, endurance and mobility.

My wife and kid’s all use kettlebells.Each of my kids play three sports and kettlebell training fits in perfectly to their schedules.

Stay strong Steve! And good luck on your upcoming certification.

For anyone else who’d like to tell their kettlebell story in more detail on this site (including getting a link to your training or other kettlebell related site, if you have one) check out the be featured page.

And to all of you — STAY STRONG!


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